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  The Fabric Arts Council will assist members to increase consumer awareness and use of fabric to their customers through education, special events and promotions. We will grow the fabric arts segment by recruiting new members
and aligning crossover opportunities with current members.
                              Click on the Banners of Hope logo to find out more about the BOH program and get  a
                              downloadable resource document to help businesses and groups to replicate the program

The Fabric Arts Council is a new community within the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) that is dedicated to expanding the reach of fabric related activities to the consumer both within the traditional sewing areas as well as throughout the craft industry.
Rosann Kermes of Rosebud's Cottage in Minnesota and a member of the Fabric Arts Council, Steering Committee has praise for the Fabric Arts Council initiative

“The idea of providing cohesive, consumer programs is very appealing.  …It will be good to have a concerted, industry-wide effort to help everyone, consumers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers - and therefore the industry. Think about what the Yarn Council has done for knitting, then imagine that type of effort put into all aspects of sewing. The potential is huge!
We look forward to sharing more of our ideas and promotions in 2014.
Andrew Williamson, Lorine Mason, Rosann Kermes, Libby Brookes, Amanda Herring and Jill Mead

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