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Canada:Canadian Chapter Mission and Vision updated October 2014


Our Vision:
A healthy, vibrant, exciting and successful Canadian creative community

that enriches people’s lives through crafting.


Our Mission: Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through our crafting community

which includes: consumers, CHA Canada members defined as retailers, manufacturer

and suppliers, educators and designers as well as the media and international partners.

We will inspire our community with improved communication, networking, education and

resources. We will also work to improve our community membership value and facilitate

an environment that encourages a passion for crafting.


Chapter Values


Honesty and open communication:

We will deliver a defined communication plan to members consistent with the by

laws of the Association: bi annual meetings, formal election process, reports from

sub committees etc.



We can be relied upon to be responsible, truthful and to do the right thing.

Deliver on realistic promises

We will work within the resources available to CHA Canada.

We are motivated and driven to realize our vision and mission


Engaging and empowering leadership

We will provide a framework, motivation and inspiration for the growth and

success of sub committees, with the work being consistent with the vision,

mission and values of the CHA Canada


Entrepreneurial and forward thinking

We will take creative and innovative steps towards a stronger future for the

creative industry in Canada