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Banners of Hope (BOH) are small fabric-based banners with inspirational messages, and are displayed in hospitals, shelters and charity locations that greet and encourage everyone in their times of challenge. Often displayed in waiting areas, the unique banners inspire, amuse and offer simple words of encouragement for those waiting for treatment or appointments.
  • Choosing Your Cause or Charity. The BOH program is not linked with any particular charity or cause. The cause selected is completely up to the host business; this allows for flexibility of support for local or personal causes, as well as the opportunity to choose different causes for different events.
  • Fund Raising Opportunities. To be effective, fundraising should be done in partnership with the charity or cause. Silent Auctions and small fees for banner creation, as well as a percentage of product sales, are amongst the many considerations for fund raising at a BOH event.
  • Consult with Your Choice of Charity or Cause. It is important to ensure that the BOH program is a good fit and that you are aware of any restrictions the group may have.
  • Coordinate Dates of Existing Cause Events. This will help maximize your promotional exposure. Keep in mind: The BOH is not a fund raising campaign; it is a media opportunity for both the host business and the cause. It is an artistic expression of support for the chosen group.
  • Resources: To assist you in hosting a Banners of Hope event, Canada Sews and the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) have developed the following resources, including downloadable and customizable flyers, press releases and other useful documents to make planning your event easy.

Although this information is available free to anyone on line, we ask that reference to being a member of the Craft and Hobby Association and use of the Banners of Hope (BOH) logo outside any of the documents listed here only be used by dues paying CHA members. BOH Trade Name and logo is trade registration pending. For Membership information click here. 

Tools for Retailers
Media Coverage (Customizable) Templates 

IMPORTANT: These listed resources have been provided as a free service to businesses and organizations. Canada Sews and CHA will not be held legally responsible for the use or misuse of the BOH logo, program or listed documents by any business whether or not the user is member of the association. Users of these documents do so at their own risk and responsibility.