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Market Research

CHA Offers Members a wide range of Research Studies

Research is commissioned by CHA on behalf of its members.   All of the research reports are available to members for FREE.  Non-members should contact Keri Cunningham, Director of Marketing to request pricing information.

If you have any questions about the information or how any of the research reports were conducted, please contact Keri Cunningham, Director of Marketing.

CHA 2012 State of the Craft Industry

The CHA State of the Craft Industry report is custom quantitative research study commissioned to determine participation in crafting for the entire U.S. population.   A task force of CHA members collaborated with a global research provider to develop the survey questionnaire that was fielded to a sample size of 8,043 geographically and demographically representative self-defined crafters.  The report tracks 14 different craft categories that define the majority of crafting activity.

The primary objectives of this research were:

  • Determine participation in crafting for the entire U.S. population and by specified category segments
  • Track use of distribution channels for craft products
  • Develop demographic profiles of crafters
  • Provide actionable results and expertise to guide CHA members in using the research to enhance sales

Note: Due to the changes in methodology, sample size, and reclassification of craft segments, direct comparisons between the CHA 2012 State of the Industry report and previous CHA studies is not valid, nor recommended.


CHA Canada 2011 Attitude & Usage Study

This study is the first ever study of the Canadian Craft consumer. The CHA Canadian 2011 Attitude & Usage Study is custom quantitative research that tracked the Canadian craft consumer for an entire year in order to give a consumer reported estimate of the craft industry in Canada. The study was fielded by a major global research provider of survey data and funded by a donation from the Canadian Craft and Hobby Association (CCHA) an affiliate partner with CHA.

Approximately 2,500 geographically and demographically representative crafting households participated in the study through an online questionnaire.

The primary objectives of this research were:

  • Estimate the size of the industry in Canada
  • Estimate and track sales by distribution channel
  • Determine and track craft participation by category
  • Provide demographic profiles and attitudinal/behavior patterns of crafters
  • Document shopping patterns

2011 Canadian Reports


United Kingdom Craft Market Update Report 2011

CHA has partnered with Future Publishing Ltd., in the UK, to fund a comprehensive market research study on the British consumer crafts market. The research study was designed to provide CHA members in the UK as well as U.S. members with valuable information about the UK crafter, including:

  • Establish the size & structure of the British consumer crafts market by measuring participation across key segments.
  • Demographically profile craft participants on both an overall and individual craft segment level.
  • Enable a more advanced, data-driven understanding of the dynamics of participation in craft.



CHA Attitude & Usage Study
Consumer Attitude and Usage Study

The CHA Attitude & Usage Study is custom quantitative research that tracks the U.S. craft industry. The study is fielded by a major global research provider of survey data.

Approximately 6,000 geographically and demographically representative crafting households participate in the study annually through an online questionnaire. Survey results are reported quarterly.

The primary objectives of this research are to:
  • Estimate the size of the industry
  • Estimate and track sales by distribution channel
  • Determine and track craft participation by category
  • Provide demographic profiles and attitudinal/behavior patterns of crafters
  • Document shopping patterns

2011 Reports

2010 Reports

Note: In January 2010, the CHA Attitude & Usage Study was converted from a mail panel format to an online survey questionnaire expanding the range of crafts probed to 53 segments in eight broad categories. As a result, the Study now captures data at the individual crafter level, delves deeper into the attitudes and behaviors specific to each craft segment and reaches a greater representation of males and younger crafters, making it more representative of the U.S. population. Due to the nature of the changes, the 2010 data cannot be directly compared to the 2005-09 data.

2009 Reports

2008 Reports

2007 Reports

2006 Reports

2005 Reports

CHA Crafter Insight Study

In December of 2007, CHA commissioned a comprehensive consumer study with Iconoculture* to better understand the emotional appeal of crafting and key drivers that influence a crafters purchasing behavior. This is an important study that will help you connect with consumers of all ages, build relationships and appeal to their lifestyles.

This research explored the following topic areas:

  • Current crafting activity
  • Whether people are crafting more or less frequently, and why
  • Emotional benefits of crafting
  • Sources of inspiration for crafters M
  • How crafters get started with new crafts
  • Crossover crafting – how one craft leads to another
  • Incorporating leisure-time activities into crafts
  • Prevalence of and reactions to the concept of “green crafting"
  • General reactions to the logo: Crafts, Discover Life’s Little Pleasures.®



*Iconoculture is a leading research firm dedicated to understanding the “why" behind the “what" of consumer behavior. This study spoke directly with approximately 150 crafters nationwide through on-line discussions. The people interviewed in this study are members of a virtual consumer community consisting of 500+ consumers from across the United States. Members are age 18 and over, and are recruited to reflect four age breaks – Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and Matures. These members also represent various ethnicities, income levels and geographical locations.

CHA Scrapbooking Study

The Scrapbooking segment continues to represent a major portion of the revenue for the crafts industry. In 2007, CHA worked with Ipsos Marketing, the world’s fourth largest market research survey firm, to conduct a customized Scrapbooking Study. The study was conducted to examine the current usage and attitudes of scrapbookers in greater detail. The information in this report is intended to help CHA members make better business decisions about the development and marketing of new scrapbooking products.

The specific objectives addressed in this study are:

  • Examine specific types of projects/activities/themes utilized by scrapbookers.
  • Explore involvement of scrapbookers in digital media/computer.
  • Understand specific types of supplies and tools that scrapbookers are purchasing for their projects.
  • Identify marketing options by determining what drives consumer purchase decisions.
  • Segment the market in terms of participation (heavy, moderate and light) and profile these segments in terms of craft/hobby participation and demographics.



Asian American Market Report
Asian American Market Report

Conducted by Phoenix Multicultural and Interviewing Service of America (ISA) the Asian American Market Report not only provides primary research on a variety of categories, but also rich secondary research on history, culture, demographics, and geographies. Covering five of the major Asian nationalities, as well as comparative data for African-Americans, Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites, the report allows industry professionals to explore strategic and tactical initiatives to optimize their marketing efforts.



African American Market Report
In December 2007, CHA partnered with Phoenix Multicultural to conduct a study with African Americans with the following objectives in mind:
  • Compile demographic data, cultural nuances and values, general behavioral data and media usage in order to paint a picture of African Americans.
  • Delve deeper into the mindset of these consumers by focusing on crafting behaviors to identify key opportunities.
  • Provide holiday detail with regards to crafts.



The Impact of Hispanic Crafters on the U.S. Craft Industry

In 2007, CHA again partnered with Phoenix Multicultural (formerly Phoenix Multicultural Access Group), an award-winning multicultural market research consulting firm, to study the impact of Hispanic crafters on the U.S. craft industry. The Association is seeking to demonstrate how the Hispanic market, one of the largest minority segments in the United States, represents a growth opportunity for the craft industry.




CHA Member Survey

CHA Member Surveys are conducted to determine members’ perceptions and view of the strategic mission and objectives, annual trade show, member benefits, management and staff, marketing and public relations programs and other industry organizations.



member Needs Research Survey

CHA surveyed its members to determine how members are using CHA consumer research and to identify unmet information needs.



The Academic Value of Hands-On Craft Projects in Elementary Schools Study
Academic Value Of Hands-On Craft Projects In Elementary Schools Study

This report, one of the first studies ever to investigate the impact of hands-on projects and academic learning, concludes that many elementary school educators have found hands-on crafts projects to be one of the best techniques to enable students to sustain knowledge while instilling a curiosity for and appreciation of learning.

The Executive Summary describing the study's findings is available and the Hands-On Craft Projects Research is available to all without charge.