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CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow

CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow

CHA is proud to provide various educational formats to our attendees. All of our programs are designed to provide you with industry focused education to help you further enhance your business skills. Whether you’re attending the Show for the first time or are an industry veteran, any of these informative sessions will give you the targeted knowledge you need to expand your business and strengthen your personal growth. Click Here to see when these classes will be held.


A Hands-On Lab focuses on introducing, enhancing, or simply reviewing your current knowledge of a technical method needed for your day-to-day business. The instructor will be your private tutor for 2-4 hours and walk you through step-by-step through a particular use of a software, social media, etc. Laptops are required and space is limited. Prices start at $35 members/$50 non-members.


The Business Bootcamp is designed for speakers to lend their expertise on tactical issues and opportunities for growing business. Topics are focused on areas such as marketing, finance, regulatory, finance, and more. After this 2-5 hour event, you will walk away with guidance, tools, and takeaways that business leaders need to address in order to successfully grow their business. Prices start at $35 members/$50 non-members.


The Certification Classes are manufacturer sponsored hands-on product training similar to the Workshops provided at CHA shows. However, this intense multi-day education session will provide attendees with the necessary tools, reference materials, answers to frequently asked questions, and much more. At the end of this rigorous training you will have the added advantage of having been qualified by leading designers and educators in the field, and an edge on the competition in demonstrating, teaching and selling products. Prices vary.

CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow

A workshop is an exhibitor sponsored hands-on product training class where buyer member attendees make one or more craft projects. Workshops are for serious buyers who want to gain knowledge on a new product, are looking to expand their customer base through new product types or for those who want to enhance their skills on the use of a product. There are multiple workshops available in a variety of craft categories. Prices start at $35 members/$50 non-members.

CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow

A seminar is a class on business-building skills that may be on broad topics for all members, or tailored in tracks to a specific member category. Seminar speakers are topical experts, business leaders, authors, or CHA members considered experts in their field. Seminar presentations can be taught as lectures, interactive presentations, panel sessions or other formats. Free to members/$25 non-members.

CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow
A Demo-nar combines both the business education of a Seminar, with the hands-on project technique training of a Workshop. Free to members/$25 non-members
CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow

Networking events are lively social gatherings that allow you to connect with industry professionals from around the world in a casual setting. Prices vary.