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ShowBiz Connections Info

What is ShowBiz Connections?

ShowBiz Connections (SBC) is a program introduced by CHA in the Winter of 2010 to match up exhibitors and event attendees based on similar interests (supply and demand). SBC is a complimentary matching service based around the event registration system. Exhibitors and attendees select from a controlled list of products and services and then are matched up through SBC and notified of their matches.  A weekly email is sent to all who are registered in the program.  The email supplies a link to a personal message center.  Within the message center, the user will be able to view and contact all of their matches through the private messaging system.  Attendees may also request appointments with exhibitors through the appointment setting feature.

As an exhibitor, how do I register for ShowBiz Connections?

As an exhibitor, you must update your Show Directory listing for the event. This may be done through www.chashow.org on the Exhibitor tab. Ensure that you have the correct email address you want notifications to go to, and ensure that all categories listed for your products/services are selected. These are the categories your matches will be based on.  Once your Show Directory listing is updated, you will automatically be enrolled into the ShowBiz Connections program and will receive an email from the program on the next scheduled day.  In order to accept appointment requests from attendees, you must have at least one individual from your company registered for an exhibitor badge.

As an attendee, how do I register for ShowBiz Connections?

As an attendee, you must register for a badge for the upcoming event.  During the badge registration process, you will be required to answer several questions.  This will include the list of product/service interests.  Once you receive your confirmation on your registration, you are automatically enrolled into the ShowBiz Connections program and will receive an email from the program on the next scheduled day.

As an exhibitor, how do I use ShowBiz Connections?

We suggest you using this program to reach out to a target group of attendees.  Your matching list will supply you with those attendees looking for a product or service within your designated category.  You may want to fine-tune a message and target those you would like to spend more time with at the show by asking they send you an appointment request.  Or send out a show special or discount on a specific product to those that are interested in that category.   There are filtering options to better target who you want to send a specific message to.

As an attendee, how do I use ShowBiz Connections?

We suggest you using this program to plan out your event experience.  Contact those exhibitors that fall under your interested categories to schedule private appointments using the appointment setter or to see what kind of specials they may be hosting at the event.  Ensure they know you will be at the show and that they are part of your plan to visit their exhibit.

What is the calendar for & how do I download it to my Outlook?

The Registration process now has a calendar feature that you will notice will populate with show times and any sessions you register for. This calendar is the same calendar in ShowBiz Connections and it will populate here with any appointments confirmed through the appointment setting feature. This calendar is downloadable to your MS Outlook. Click on the Export to Outlook button and follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

Make sure that you only download your entire calendar once – as if you select to download the entire calendar again, it will duplicate in your Outlook. After you download your entire calendar, if you want to add new items, simply select any new functions or appointments separately on the download tool in order to add those to your Outlook.

How do I use the Appointment Setter?

The appointment setting feature may only be used by attendees to request appointments with exhibitors. Click on the calendar icon to the left of the exhibiting company’s name on your matching list to bring up the appointment request screen. Fill out the fields and click send and a meeting request will be sent to the exhibitor. A message from ShowBiz will be sent directly to the exhibiting company’s email notifying them that there is a meeting request pending. Both attendee and exhibitor will be notified when a meeting request is sent, confirmed, denied or when a confirmed meeting is cancelled by an email sent from ShowBiz to their email addresses.

Exhibitors are encouraged when contacting matches, to suggest to those attendees they wish to meet, convenient meeting dates/times so the attendee may send a meeting request.

What are the benefits of using ShowBiz Connections?

ShowBiz Connections enables private pre-show communication between exhibitors and attendees.  It helps to better plan your event days to get the most out of your exhibiting or attending experience.  Post-show, the program stays live 30 days after close of show.  This gives you the ability to go back and contact matches you may not have seen at the event to extend your event experience beyond the show floor.

Will my personal email ever be given out?

No!  Your personal email information will only be used by the program to send you your weekly update emails.  The message center is a privately hosted messaging system that does not ever touch your personal email.

Can I get a mailing list of all of my matches?

Yes.  When in the message center, you may select all of your matches and export them to Excel.  This will give you mailing contact information only.  No email addresses will be a part of this list.

Does each new list have all of the old matches?

Yes.  Every week your list only grows bigger & bigger.  All of your prior matches will always be on your list.

If I log in on another day, will my list be updated?

Yes.  The matches are refreshed every 24 hours.  You may use the link in your weekly email to log into your account at any time to receive all of your latest matches.

How do I opt-out of the program?

It’s very simple to opt-out of the program if you so choose.  When you log in, there is an On-Off switch at the top of the page. Simply turn it from On to Off and you will no longer receive any communications from the program.  At any time, you may log back in and turn your notifications back On and you will receive an updated list of matches in your next email.