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CHA 2013 Winter Conference & Tradeshow

Detailed Explanation of E3 Services

  1. Pre-show Questionnaire: A customized, confidential questionnaire will be emailed three months prior to the show to Gold and Silver level buyers with a targeted return date that allows sufficient time to take advantage of the pre-show teleconference with an E3 expert. This strategy will capture additional information client can integrate into their CRM system. This is vital data that can be used to support space sales, show promotion and interaction with individual exhibitors as it includes specific questions about exhibitors’ pre, at and post-show strategic practices that show organizers ordinarily do not have access to. The questionnaire also provides insights into each buyer’s goals and objectives as well as strengths and shortcomings in strategic planning that impact performance. This information ultimately helps the expert evaluators understand the program objectives in order to provide more focused feedback to exhibitors.
  2. Pre-show Teleconference: A 45 minute to one hour teleconference will be provided to all Gold and Silver level buyer exhibitors who complete and return the questionnaire. The most experienced E3 evaluators (Jefferson & Judi) will conduct these high-level teleconferences. The teleconference will discuss strategic strengths and shortcomings identified through the questionnaire review and discuss practical approaches to address these elements for the upcoming show.
  3. Post Teleconference Document Review: Gold level buyers can submit additional documents (pre-show invitations, email campaigns, strategic plans, staff briefing documents, advertisements, landing pages on websites, etc.) following the teleconference for expert review and feedback.
  1. 21 point Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation: The evaluation utilizes twenty one (21) specific and highly focused questions to evaluate three (3) major areas:
    1. Exhibit presentation,
    2. Product/Service presentation,
    3. Exhibit staff.

  2. Each question is scored on a scale of one through five effectiveness with one (1) being Ineffective and five (5) being Very effective. Comments are included with each major area and individual question scoring is tabulated and assigned an overall Exhibiting Effectiveness score from a low of three (3) to a high of fifteen (15).
  3. With standard 3 page report for Silver and Bronze level buyers: See description in post-show services below.
  4. With Expanded report for Gold level buyers: See description in post-show services below.
  5. Post-show Resource Report: The post-show resource report is provided to all exhibitors as a tool to explain the evaluation process along with a list of effective strategies and suggestions for improved low scoring areas.
  6. Visitor Exit Interviews: Gold and Silver level buyers will receive at least five (5) exit interviews. The interviews will be conducted by a dedicated interviewer at two different time intervals during the show. The interview consists of ten (10) questions designed to gather specific feedback on the quality of their experience in the booth and the likelihood they would recommend the exhibit to a colleague. We will assign a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to the report based on visitors’ answer to question ten (10).

    *To get a statistically valid NPS score, we can conduct 40 exit interviews. The additional fee is $1,295.

  7. Booth Staff Mystery Shopper: Gold level buyers will receive at least two (2) mystery shopper visits. The mystery shopping process is facilitated by a dedicated person. The mystery shopper(s) will have badge(s) that identify them as prospective buyer. The mystery shopper will evaluate booth staffer responsiveness, professionalism, customer rapport, ability to articulate product value proposition, and closing/lead capture skills.
  8. In-booth Evaluation Review: Gold and Silver level buyers will receive a personal one on one review with Jefferson or Judi of their 21 point Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation. The goal of the review is to share useful feedback that can be applied immediately. In addition the exhibitor can supply relevant insights that could influence the final scores and evaluator comments.
  1. Basic 3-page Evaluation Report: Silver and Bronze level buyers receive the standard report which includes three pages with individual scores for each question, comparison to the show average for each question and the overall effectiveness score for each area. Comments are included by section. Charts are used to illustrate scores compared to the show average. Areas scoring below average are highlighted in yellow.
  2. Evaluation Expanded Report: Gold level buyers receive an expanded report which includes the three-page standard report, plus a detailed, personalized write-up including photographs and commentary about what we observed. The expanded report identifies program effectiveness as well as underperforming areas and how these can be improved.
  3. Visitor Exit Interview Report: Gold and Silver level buyers receive a copy of the exit interview forms, supported by a brief summary and identification of areas requiring attention and staff behaviors to improve. The report also includes a definition of the Net Promoter Score, their individual NPS benchmarked to the all show NPS average.
  4. Booth Staff Mystery Shopper Report: Gold level buyers receive a copy of the mystery shopper forms, along with a brief summary including recommendations of booth staff behaviors to improve.
  5. Post-show Teleconference: Gold level buyers receive a 45 minute to one hour post-show teleconference. The most experienced E3 evaluators (Jefferson & Judi) will conduct these high-level teleconferences. The teleconference will review the findings from total pre, at and post-show evaluation process, then discuss post-show measurement and reporting, and assist the exhibitor in identifying opportunities for improvement at future tradeshows.