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If you missed the latest CHA Conference or attended a seminar that you find valuable to your business, here is your instant access…just a couple of clicks away. All recordings are retrieved through Streaming and also gives you access to download the MP3 audio files for use on MP3 players. Recorded sessions are offered at a cost of $10 for members and $20 for non-members. If you are a member check out the bundle packages listed below.

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Bundle Recording Packages

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3 Recordings for $24 Unlimited Recordings for $100 Take advantage of getting more industry-focused education. Purchase today and save!

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  • S105 Your Blog: The Relationship Between Your Site Design & Content

    No matter what kind of business you have, your blog is a key marketing tool. It’s two most key marketing elements to the viewer are its design and content. On effective websites, these components aren’t developed in isolation - they are interrelated.

  • S107 Design Teams: Building a Bridge to Your Customers

    Join our experts for a lively panel discussion about how designers, manufacturers and retailers use Design Teams to reach the consumer. We'll explore topics such as creating designs on demand, how Design Teams can bring fresh ideas to your customers, navigating potential pitfalls and bumps in the road, and tips to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

  • S108 Monetize Your Brand with Social Media

    Take your craft blog, brand, business to the next level and learn to monetize using simple steps in social media. Learn how to turn your efforts online into a profit with simple steps using social media. Whether you are new to social media or a veteran on the web, there will be something for everyone including a handout for attendees with 20 Free Online Promotion Ideas to Grow Your Business.

  • S109 How to Create Online Videos From Conception to Completion

    Scrap Time has been producing quality videos since January 2007! We want to share our knowledge with you, so you can produce a higher quality video.

  • S110 I'm a Professional Crafter NOW What?

    This seminar is geared for Professional Crafters as well as Designers. You want to or have just completed the steps to becoming a professional designer; now what? What are the next steps to making it a real business and how do you start?

  • S111 Strategies for Applying Your Quality Assurance Budget Wisely

    Budgets are tight, yet you must comply with a number of regulations in order to sell your products in different markets. What are those regulations and how best can you apply those scarce quality-assurance dollars to get as much from each test as possible?

  • E201 Industry Awards Ceremony & State of the Industry

    Some of the most influential members in today’s craft industry from online and brick-and-mortar communities, including retailers, manufacturers, and publishers will share their perspectives on the current online climate, and how we can work as a community to use this new media to encourage and grow the craft consumer.

  • S203 Six Ways to Improve Your Class and Workshop Events

    Classes can be a major contributor to the success of your business—online or brick-and-mortar. It only makes sense to make them as good as they can be. Your event is a lesson and your attendees are your students.

  • S205 How to work with Bloggers to Maximize Product Promotion

    Do you want to work with bloggers, but don't know which bloggers to work with, how to work with them, and if it is even worth your time, money and effort? In this panel, we will help you figure out when to work with bloggers, how to maximize results from your partnership, and what things to look for in choosing bloggers to partner with. We will teach you how to get maximum exposure by working with bloggers, what bloggers want, and how to use your marketing resources to best appeal to the millions of fans of craft blogs.

  • S306 Building and Sustaining Your Online Community

    Community is a word that’s being used with increasing frequency in social media, but what exactly does it mean? Learn what an online community is, what tools you'll need to manage it, and how to measure your success.

  • S308 Best Practices for Offering Classes & Demos Online

    Getting people to learn about your products and how to use them is often the best way to generate sales. Face-to-face classes and demonstrations are great, but can limit who you can reach (because of distance, space or travel costs). Webinars and online classes are a great way to educate customers and nurture prospects while reaching a broader and more dispersed audience at a greatly reduced expense.

  • S310 From DNA to Graphene: Exploring the Crafts of Tomorrow - 10 Tech Trends that Will Change American Crafting

    Low cost personal genome mapping, exotic materials, cosmeceuticals, 3-D printers in every home, these aren't the subjects of science fiction. These are the things you're friends and neighbors will be using in the next 3 years. Technology is moving at a blazing pace and with it, a new generation of makers and crafters are exploring how these new tools and materials can be used to feed their creativity. If you or your firm want to tap into the tech trends driving the future expansion of crafting, this is one seminar you won't want to miss

  • S311 Exporting to the UK and Europe – A Guide for Manufacturers

    Exporting your products to the UK and Europe can be both daunting but also incredibly rewarding. With all markets showing significant growth in recent years despite the challenging economic climate, there has never been a better time to grow your business overseas. This presentation will cover the basics any manufacturer needs to know about the fundamental setup of the UK market, distribution networks, key players, information on shipping, import duty and UK sales tax. We will also examine different options for setting up distribution in the UK with the positives and drawbacks of each and learn more about the CHA’s UK arm and how you can get involved with the association and plug into the UK craft network.

  • S402- Best Practices for Email Marketing

    Email can be an effective way to communicate with your customers. Done right it can be an effective marketing tool. Done wrong it can annoy customers and drive them away. Join Joe Rotella to learn how to incorporate email campaigns into your organization’s customer communication and marketing plan. Learn about the CANN Spam Act and how you can comply with its regulations. Discover free and low cost email services. Learn how to build a robust email list

  • S403 The Death of Books - Indie Publishing as Brand Marketing

    As of August 2012 kindle books are outselling all forms of printed books on Amazon.com. The proliferation of e-readers and tablets is creating an entirely new marketing, promotion and educational tool that can be used by brands, manufacturers, designers and professional crafters to extend brand relationships, generate additional revenue and create demand for products. In this seminar we'll cover how this system works, best practices for marketing ebooks, the keys to covers, social media promotion and pricing and non-traditional guerrilla marketing tactics using ebooks to drive customers to your brand.

  • E402- Annual Business Meeting

    The Annual Business Meeting is your opportunity to learn more about your association, the benefits of membership, and highlights of association activities during the past year.