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Communities: Sections

Here you will find info on CHA Section Events

Leverage the power of sections, the specialized groups within the Craft & Hobby Association, here. Join the group that represents your business’ particular neck of the crafting woods, connecting to and sharing tips with other professionals specifically geared towards your business’ needs. Click on the section link of your choice to get started.

The Designer Section

Contact the CHA Staff Facilitator for more details on this section and current leadership contacts. Jeffrey Malaney, jmalaney@craftandhobby.org.

Social Media Section

The Social Media section is a member initiated group which began in the summer of 2013. Right from the very first meeting it was evident that the timing was perfect for this unique job focused group with enthusiastic participation and opportunities to network and share ideas. With Social Media members in all craft segments and working for multiple CHA members the influence and network potential of this group can be enormous. An executive will be set up and as this group works primarily online, it is anticipated that meetings and events will be virtually focused with in-person networking during the CHA trade show and regional Creative Conferences.

Contact the CHA Staff Facilitator for more details on this section and current leadership contacts. Jeffrey Malaney, jmalaney@craftandhobby.org.

Is your business type not represented?  Are you interested in starting a new Section?  Contact our Membership Dept at membership@craftandhobby.org to find out how to get started!

Section Events