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Exhibitor Booth Contest

‘NEW’ & Improved CHA’s Exhibiting with Excellence Contest
  • Bring YOUR excellence!
  • Get Expanded Visibility for Your Company!
  • WIN Valuable Prizes!

“Being the best of a kind, preeminent” is how Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines excellence. And that’s exactly what CHA’s new Exhibiting with Excellence Contest is looking for… the best of their kind exhibitors.

So start preparing now! Get ready to put your company’s best foot forward at the CHA Winter Tradeshow. We’re on the lookout for exhibitors who bring the best creativity, thoughtfulness and uniqueness and showcase it effectively through exhibit design, product merchandising and demonstrations and booth staff.

On the first two days of the show, a team of seasoned tradeshow industry experts will walk the exhibit floor looking for the best and brightest exhibitors. There is no need to enter as all exhibitors are automatically entered in the contest.

Judges will use the following criteria as a guide to select winners:

    • Use of color, lighting, imagery, size, shapes, scale and materials to grab attention
    • Integration of a theme and overall creativity displayed
    • Ease of access, navigation and overall use of floor space
    • Use of copy and signage to communicate company branding and product messaging
    • Quality and creativity of product display and merchandising
    • Quality, thoughtfulness and effectiveness of “make and take” areas and/or interactive product demonstrations
    • Creativity and effectiveness of staff apparel
    • Staff posture, responsiveness and non-verbal communications

To create a level playing field, there are three categories of winners:

  • Exhibiting with Excellence In-Line booth (10 feet deep and any width)
  • Exhibiting with Excellence Peninsula/Island booth (20 x20 or larger)
  • Exhibiting with Excellence First-Time Exhibitor

Winners will receive:

  • FREE 10x10 bonus booth at the CHA Summer 2013 or Winter 2014 Trade Show (value $350)
  • FREE Registration Bag Insert in CHA Summer 2013 or Winter 2014 Trade Show (value $1,500)
  • FREE Flyer placement in the Exhibitor Preview Station at CHA Summer 2013 or Winter 2014 Trade Show ($300)
  • At-Show publicity through:
    • Signage in booth and in main traffic areas
    • Show floor awards ceremony
    • Social Media
  • Post-Show publicity through:
    • Show awards Press Release
    • Show awards article in Craft Industry Today magazine
    • Social media

For More Information, Please Contact:
Tina Lynn Mercardo, CEM
Director, Events & Expositions, CHA
tmercardo@craftandhobby.org; 201-835-1226