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Branded Storytelling: How to Stand Out & Leave a Lasting Impression

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You have your website and business up and running, and now you are ready to attract bigger clients for more money. But in a crowded space, how do you stand out? Did you know just by sharing your story you can attract and connect with brands and followers? As a full-time digital entrepreneur, I will share what has worked for me. You will learn:  
- How to incorporate your personality into your business
- How to authentically tell your story in a short form and long form format, for different platforms and applications
- Avenues to share your story to get your business exposure to new markets
- Tips on making a long lasting impression with a brand
- How to build long-term relationships with brands to bring in consistent income
- How to stand out for all the right reasons
Kathy Cano-Murillo
Crafty Chica LLC